Philip K. Dick’s Black Iron Invisible Prison

 As we slingshot into the 21st Century, it is becoming incredibly apparent that the governments and institutions that mold our minds have implemented a system from which we cannot escape. Are we really trapped in a prison with no doors or walls? And when did this really begin?

Splinternets… these stories are over a year old. I haven’t found anything new since then. Even the Cato Institute has nothing more to say. Splinternets died quietly, so it seems. Why? urlLink In The Eyes Of The Justice Department, Protecting Your Own Internet Privacy Is Cause For Alarm …one of the best ways to maximize privacy for all on today’s Internet is to allow those who choose to protect themselves from prying eyes to do so unimpeded by government. Successful blocking techniques may prove useful to others, and lessons learned may make the Internet more secure for all. Based on a Justice Department investigation, the government may have different ideas. urlLink One Internet Is Not Enough The Internet needs borders beyond which users can escape damaging political resolutions of these battles, which are rooted in the Internet’s nonowned, common-property status. Conflicting legislative visions in a cyberspace populated by exhibitionists at one extreme and would-be inhabitants of gated communities on the other, reveal the basic truth that not everybody wants or needs to be connected to everybody else. urlLink Libertarian, or Just Bizarro? What if you could take all the haters and the perverts and the spammers and stick them on their own private Internet? That way, they could do whatever they want without bothering the rest of us, and we wouldn’t have to spend our money or time regulating them.

Buying stock in a down market… This is very unusual for me. I’m not generally inclined to pass on un-proven financial advice. But yesterday, I heard from a drug rep for Glaxo who told me that they are on the verge of launching a new herbal remedy that they think will take the market by storm. This drug sounds so promising that I want to suggest to my friends and family that they consider buying stock in the company. The drug is called “Gingko Viagra,” and its function is to help you remember what the fuck you are doing.

Greek net cafes face ruin In an atmosphere of darkness and a return to the middle ages, with a logic only encountered in dictatorships where the internet is seen as diabolical, the parliament has unanimously criminalised the playing of computer games, even over the internet.

Need Biowarfare Agent? Hop Online

 The genome sequence of a potential biowarfare agent called Brucella is freely and publicly available to anyone with Internet access.   A frightening thought, perhaps, considering terrorists certainly have Internet access. But experts say it’s highly unlikely they would also have the scientific sophistication to use the information to make a weapon.

I Fought the Future for the CIA My mission, should I choose to accept it: sit in a room full of fellow sci-fi writers and help imagine, shall we say, things that might someday go bump. But first there was a definite moment of double take, and then a scramble to confirm that this wasn’t some elaborate hoax. Because, like, the CIA needs my advice on scariness?

Top 10 Signs Your Neighbor is Brainwashed  Latest polls indicate that nearly half of all Americans believe the First Amendment “goes too far,” proving that Stepford Citizen Syndrome is now a national crisis. We have an obligation to rouse our loved ones out of their stupor. If we don’t, the thugs who’ve stolen America will steam-roll right over us. And if you can’t see that, chances are, you’re brainwashed.

In no time at all and all time, the words from fingertips are creeping to the surface. Cross the bridge, open the gate; and it’s all countless tribes of butterflies and the passing from moon, to sun, to moon, to sun, only clouds can deny the eye.
Nice quote for the day… “There’s a warder who’s fond of me. I don’t ask why, I’ve learnt to take what’s there without questioning the source. When he sees me on all fours scrabbling at the earth in a random-looking way that is quite scientific, he gets upset and hurries over with the spade and offers to help me. Especially, he wants me to use the spade. He doesn’t understand I want the freedom to make my own mistakes.” ~from “The Passion”, by Jeannette Winterson

I’m going back to school to learn the art of makeup.